Digilo offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to acquire auto credit in order to purchase luxury class or representative cars for the company's needs.

Full-service car leasing for companies in order to purchase luxury cars worth more than EUR 100 000

From company point of view, luxury-class
cars perform a representative function.

They are used in order to guide high level position guests, important collaboration partners or the company’s administration to an event or meeting. The representative car forms the company’s prestige and reputation, so it’s important that the car is both in good technical and visual condition.

In situations where a luxury car is not used, the company can rent it out, thereby generating additional revenue that can also help cover motor vehicle credit.

To learn more about the auto credit service and apply for auto leasing, call our customer service telephone: +371 24115758. Financing for the purchase of motor vehicles is only possible for cars in the car salon of official dealers.

What is necessary in order to apply
for motor vehicle purchase credit?

  • Documents certifying the company's income (the revenue from carrying out economic activities has to be visible)

  • Company balance sheet

  • Car price quote from dealership

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