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Streamlined solutions for financial empowerment and prosperous growth!

Thanks to digitalization, loans for entrepreneurs are now more convenient.
"Digilo" funds new and existing businesses.

"Digilo" offers clear and simple information on mortgage lending so that everyone has the opportunity to advance their business financial ambitions.

We provide loans to both medium and small economic operators, who aim to grow their business, pursue new ideas or invest in real estate in order to obtain additional revenue. We value sustainability and promotion of energy efficiency.

Credit for Purchasing Real Estate Abroad

Co-payment or another immovable property is required as guaranty

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Energy Efficient Projects

Financing for the installation of solar energy systems; replacement of heating installations or electric car purchasing

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Credit for Business Development

For those who wish to expand their existing business

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Leasing for Motor Vehicle Purchase

We are able to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary financing for luxury car purchase

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Why Choose "Digilo" Loans?

“Digilo” values innovation and continues to search for new and creative ways to improve and streamline the mortgage lending process for its clients. Our goal is to provide clear and simple information about mortgage lending products and terms. The entire process of receiving credit takes place remotely in an online environment, in order to save client time and make the process of receiving credit as fast and convenient as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

By filling out the application available in the home page. As soon as we receive your application, a credit professional will contact you in order to clarify a couple of questions.

It only takes a few hours. As soon as you approve the transaction with the notary (we offer to do it remotely), the deal is concluded.

Given that the loan is issued with a property mortgage, by applying for a loan with us, you will be able to receive a possibly higher loan amount and lower interest rate.

Yes, the credit can be repaid in part or in full before the due date. You can follow your payment discipline in your client profile.

Develop Your Business
Potential with "Digilo" Loans

  • Select loan type
  • Complete the application form
  • Wait for our call
  • Receive an offer and choose the most appropriate solution for you
Thank you, your application has been submitted!

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