Credit for business development - intended for owners of small and medium-sized enterprises or self-employed persons who wish to expand their existing business.

A loan for the purchase of equipment, purchase of raw materials or other materials, business expansion, and/or purchase of movable/immovable property that will generate additional income for the entrepreneur.

Do you wish to fund or develop new projects or investment facilities that will generate additional revenue for your business?

Digilo understands the needs of entrepreneurs, provides excellent services and offers flexible solutions that meet your goals.

What do our clients
accomplish after
receiving a loan?

Buy parking lots that they can rent out and repay the credit from the revenue they earn. After repayment of the credit, the rented-out car parks provide additional passive income.

Renovate the premises for a cafe and repay the credit from the income earned.

Buy shares in other companies and repay their loan from the profit earned (Any financial investment involves risks. The client must assess his knowledge before investing)

Purchase an apartment via auction and repair it. The apartment is rented out to a new family and the earned revenue goes towards the repayment of the credit.

After receiving a house construction loan, they build a home village and from the sold houses can not only repay the credit, but also generate profit.

What is necessary in order to apply for a loan to build or repair a home?

  • Complete the application form

  • Submit the required documentation

  • Send information on the construction
    object (pictures, Land Register documents, estimate of planned costs).


Immovable property


Up to 15 years

PrInterest rate

from 12% per annum

Options for Signing the Contract

When you receive the contract, select the SMART-ID option and sign it with your SMART-ID.

When you receive the contract, select the e-signature option and sign it with your e-signature

If you wish to sign the contract by hand, pick the nearest OMNIVA and receive the contract by courier service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Owned property or the desire to purchase real estate. A legitimate business idea or a desire to pursue something new. After you submit the application, we will contact you and discuss the options for realization of your goal.

Of course! This is one of the most frequent objectives of obtaining a loan – the desire to generate additional income.

Digilo aims to be at the forefront of financial technology. The company values innovation and is continually looking for creative new ways to improve and streamline mortgage lending processes for its customers. Therefore, we guarantee that you probably will not have experienced such a convenient way of receiving a loan with collateral.

We value financial inclusion and are committed to providing access to collateralized loans to diverse economic groups, including those with side projects and entrepreneurial ambitions that do not meet traditional lending criteria. If your business idea excites and the team sees potential for it after evaluation, Digilo’s loan will help you achieve your goal.

Yes, of course. Our aim is to offer the credit as quickly as possible and in the full amount, so that you can achieve your goals.

Develop Your Business
Potential with "Digilo" Loans

  • Select loan type
  • Complete the application form
  • Wait for our call
  • Receive an offer and choose the most appropriate solution for you
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