Real estate acquisition is one of the
most popular forms of investment

It provides an opportunity to gain additional revenue by renting the property to tenants. It is a long-term investment. Mortgage credit is often used for the purchase or property for economic activities.

Real estate purchases abroad have gained an increasing interest in recent years.

During the summer period, the property is a place to go on holiday and enjoy relaxation, meanwhile during winter, while the property owner is not using the property, it can be rented out for extra revenue.

For entrepreneurs, real estate abroad opens up new opportunities to invest money and diversify sources of revenue, which in turn generate long-term passive income.

We can help!

To purchase a long wished for, recently found or even still just imaginary property.

Currently this service is only offered to Baltic State citizens (the borrower must be a legal person).

Financing for the purchase of real estate in Spain.

The credit is possible only by co-payment or another immovable property mortgage.


Real estate or co-payment


up to 15 years

Interest rate

from 12% per annum

What is necessary in order to
apply for a real estate purchase loan

  • Fill out the application form

  • Submit the requested documents

  • Send the advertisement for the chosen property or find a property that suits your needs with the help of our collaboration partners - industry specialists

Options for Signing the Contract

When you receive the contract, select the SMART-ID option and sign it with your SMART-ID.

When you receive the contract, select the e-signature option and sign it with your e-signature

If you wish to sign the contract by hand, pick the nearest OMNIVA and receive the contract by courier service.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must complete the application on our website. After application submission, you will be contacted by our credit professional.

We try to evaluate applications as soon as possible. You’ll likely receive a call from our credit professional withing an hour of submitting your application.

We will do everything in our power for you to receive the loan in your account as soon as possible.

No, all costs associated with the settlement of the transaction will be included in the total transaction amount, so that you do not have additional and unexpected expenses on the date of conclusion of the contract.

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  • Wait for our call
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